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[Plugin update] Bdk Text Editor


Hey @gaurav,

Very nice and flexible Plugin!

I wanted to ask if it is possible to

  1. Change the options of text size from different Heading sizes to only one ( like one Button which changes the size to h3 and back to normal)

  2. using the air mode and the toolbar together

  3. getting images from other sources (like opening another element where the user can pick an image from the database which then will be used in the editor)

  4. Linking a mention/hashtag/slashtag to another page with the data

Also I have the following problems:

  1. It takes about 4-5 secounds until the editor is visible

  2. The editor then automatically sets the focus to the input

Thank you for your great work!



Thanks for a great plugin @gaurav

The editor then automatically sets the focus to the input

+1 on this, Any way to avoid it?


Hi @byIR

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found the plugin useful. Sorry for the delayed response.

  1. It should be possible but its pretty challenging to customize the bubble element property editor to open up this whole list of possibilities without cluttering the bubble element property editor. I’ll see what I can do cleanly here

  2. Air mode does include toolbar that shows up when you select the content. Are you saying you want both the upper toolbar and the toolbar when content is selected?

  3. Not sure I understand fully. There’s already image paste, image drag-and-drop from other apps, as well as upload from the system by clicking the image icon in the toolbar. Can you give an example of other sources?

  4. I’m not sure I understood this one at all.

Regarding the issues you mentioned:

  1. The real reason for that is I wait for the page to be rendered before starting the plugin initialization. This prevents random errors from popping up but at the cost of that slight delay on page load. If its taking 4-5 seconds there must be something on your page which is causing the document to not be ready yet. Also note that the files get cached the first time page is loaded on a browser so on next visit it should be faster

  2. Would be super helpful if you could share a recording for this as I’m unable to reproduce this bug




Any chance the light grey border can be turned off?



It gets turned off in the air mode automatically


Oh yay! Thanks!

And, am I right in thinking that I can add fonts to things like the hashtags but not for the main body/H tags? Are those more limited?

Thanks again!


Is there any way to add multiple text editors onto a page at once? Right now I have two on the page, but it always seems to grab the content from only one of them.


Hi @david17 ,
That’s wierd… You can add multiple editors onto a page (check out the demo page for example) without any added configuration. Can you DM me the link to page so I can take a look. Do make sure you are on the latest version of the plugin


@hi1 So,
Bubble actually doesn’t support H tags to my knowledge.
For any content within the editor a user select the content and change the font from the toolbar


Sorry… I think I didn’t ask my question clearly. I meant to ask if there was a way to select the actual font being used. Right now I see sans-serif, serif, and monospace as the only options. I’d love to select the fonts I’m using on the rest of the website (Montserrat and Open Sans).
Thanks again!

I’m loving the plugin! It’s saved so much time… being able to copy/paste links AND images and have them look good and work… THANK YOU!


Ah I see. Yep adding more fonts is still on my to-do list. Will try to prioritize that in the next build


I can add multiple editors to the page, but when I try to create a new object that uses one of the two editor’s content it will grab the wrong one.


Can you please isolate the bug in a separate page and share the link to the same so I can take a look?


@gaurav, could you add the ability to resize a video? Once I add it into the editor it’s very small.



You’re using the trix text editor. This thread is for the Text editor (bdk)


I tried but the library seems to be quite buggy so unable to get the module to be registered



I’m having an issue with some image resizing. Here’s how it’s playing out:

  1. When editing image width can be altered but height stays fixed. I’m not able to get the corners to work as you’d expect (like you show here: [Plugin update] Bdk Text Editor). Meaning, I can grab them and move all, but only width is adjusted.

  2. Then, for the same images that have a problem in edit view, the problem carries over to read. When in read view… there’s enough room for them, they look great, but when the screen is smaller they are shrinking but only horizontally so they are being squished.

The funny thing is that it isn’t happening for all images. Perhaps it has something to do with where it’s coming from before landing on the clipboard? Any tips to help?

Thanks again!


@hi1 I’m kinda finding it difficult to picture exactly what you’re doing. Can you share a screen recording (that’s like 100x useful as it provides more context). If you don’t have a tool already I recommend using the Loom plugin for chrome to create the recording


Could the issue be coming from the fact that manual resized image’s size is in pixels, while if a picture is just inserted, its size is 100% width and auto hight (so to allow for proportionally changing size when changing the size of the editor) ?..


Thanks for the Loom tip! Just got it and here’s my first video…

Let me know if I can help troubleshoot… It’s strange as it doesn’t always happen.