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[Plugin update] Fast Popups


Hello Bubblers,

I just added a new workflow step ‘Show loader’ to the fast popups plugin. This helps you build beautiful loading & splash style screens for your app in a single workflow step. Check out examples screens below and demo page.

  1. Use loading indicators from any source (e.g., spinkit). Customize them fully
  2. Build your own splash style screens from custom content or any source on the web. Treat your users to cool animated ‘please wait’ screens like airbnb and other amazing tech companies
  3. Customize backdrop and background to ‘extend’ your design asset such as logo into a full sized splash screen or a loading screen to save those early costs in design work.
  4. Auto-close screens in a fixed time and / or from a workflow step anywhere across your app

If you’re an existing subscriber simply upgrade the plugin. If not, subscribe to the Fast popups plugin from the bubble plugin store. For ‘How to use’ and ‘Walkthrough video’ check out the docs

Happy Bubbling!
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Walkthrough video (6-mins):


Awesome. This plugin is great. Appreciate the updates!


The loader from is extremely fast! It’s kind of new record for Bubble loader. Great!


Haha thanks for the feedback @JohnMark!


Awesome! Love it!


Hi @gaurav, and thank you for this great plugin. Would there be the possibility in a future version to have input fields?

(we can only add inputs with some HTML to the Show Loader action, as it is the only one that accepts HTML, but this popup type has a defined duration - and I wouldn’t know how to retrieve the inputed values anyway :sweat_smile:).


Yes certainly. I’ll add it to my list!



The following error occurs when run:

The plugin Fast Popups / action Show loader threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘my cube’ of undefined at eval (eval at h.create_code (, <anonymous>:20:40) at (please report this to the plugin author)

Is this a result of the latest changes to Bubbles platform for plugins?

@gaurav Can you push a fix for this soon? Thanks.


Please share a link to the editor where this is set up


Hey @gaurav. Thanks for responding. Here’s a link to a test page:


This isn’t a bug from the fast popups plugin. It appears the plugin scripts itself aren’t being loaded because some other plugin you’ve installed is either failing in script headers / conflicting with this one.

I recommend create a copy of your app, remove other plugins one by one and test. You’ll know which one is conflicting.

@Bubble would be very much helpful to give a preview option where users can select specific plugin(s) to be included in preview. Right now they can either run without all or with all.


@gaurav I was afraid you would say that…since your demo worked perfectly. I’ll attempt to identify the conflicting plugin even-though I’m dependent on all of them.


@gaurav Would you say the same for the following error?

The plugin Fast Popups / action Loading style popup threw the following error: ReferenceError: swal is not defined at eval (eval at h.create_code (, <anonymous>:3:26) at (please report this to the plugin author)


@gaurav and @Bubble Found the issue. Somehow Fast Popups conflicts with the following plugin:


I wouldn’t recommend you using that onesignal plugin. There are threads on forum about that developer having abandoned the plugin development a long while ago.


Point taken. Plugin removed. Note: It was never in use. Lol. Quick question. RE: Fast Popups Demo, how are you getting a transparent background for the - Facebook example?


You can select the transparency in color picker while selecting a color in bubble. Just set the backdrop and background color transparency in the show loader action (feel free to check out the editor of the examples to see their set up)


You misspelled “all plugins”. LOLZ-ish.



Brilliant plugin, however, I was wondering if there is a way to make this load before page has loaded? Basically my page loads and then the preloader shows AFTER, if you have any tips to allow the page loader to show before my page fully loads that would be helpful.