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[Plugin update] Fast Popups


Hi @gaurav. I just bought the plugin and it has some really nice effects.

However, I cannot get the loader to show on top of the floating groups. Therefore, in my case, it is never visible. Is there a way to get the loader on top of all elements in the page?


You just need to right click and ‘send to back’ on your floating group multiple times. Bubble doesnt show you the exact z-index of the elements but every time you click send to back it will change it. I tried on one of your floating group menus and it worked. You can try on your other menu


Hi Gurav,

I have tried your solution but it does not always work. At least I have tried to ‘send to back’ the left menu floating group at least a hundred times and it is still on top the popup. Let me keep looking at it and I will come back to you if I am unsuccessful. Best regards and thank you very much for your help!


Hello @gaurav,

Awesome stuff.

Will the RG tools allow to save all the invoice lines (each line has several inputs) data on a “save invoice” button.

Note that invoice is a table and invoice lines is a table connected to the invoice.

Thanks a lot.