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PMA - Project Management


I’ve been working on a project management application for the past weeks and would like to get feedback on the project. The project will be published to the Bubble Marketplace after we collect some user feedback.

Update 13/3: I added a Todo section. PMA got approved on the marketplace and is for sale here:




tabbing to next input on log screen, goes upwards not downwards.


I appreciate the feedback Beau. I noticed it too and that is not something which we control as users on Bubble. I will send an email to Bubble for this.


they know already, you can remedy it with some suggestions here


It doesn’t look like anything works on the page besides the login button. Just FYI.


What happens when you press Sign Up? You can use login information below:

password: test


I tried the suggested solution. I’m just gonna wait until the roadmap feature is offered. Right now the issue going up is fixed when using TAB from Email to Password field.


Ya, I can log in fine. It’s ok, don’t worry about it, I guess you just aren’t done yet with it yet. :slight_smile: It looks like you have a good start. Keep it up. :tada:


Hi everyone,

based on your feedback I added more content to the homepage and a Todo section to manage todos seperate from projects. Hopefully can receive some feedback on the project.


Glad to say our app got approved on the marketplace. We also added a Todo section to give the application some more buzz… Would love to get feedback on the MVP version.

Kickstart your next project management application with PMA :wink: