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Possible to build this app? Tracking health data, creating analytics, support chat


Hi guys,

I’m new to bubble and to this community. I’ve been building a niche nutrition counseling business, using a Telegram chatbot, Telegram chat, a python-based backend and some other third party tools like typeform (

Now I want to improve the user experience by moving together all those features into one central app. Before investing lots of time into learning bubble and building the app here, I wanted to inquire whether what I have in mind is possible/advisable to build in bubble at all. So your feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

These are the requirements:

  • (Health) data tracking: user can input data, specifying a measured value, time of measurement, add a picture and/or description
  • Analytics: the collected and curated data can be visually displayed to make sense of it for the user
  • Support Chat: I’d love to integrate a tool such as Intercom for all support functionalities including chat, FAQ, CRM
  • Data security: since users input sensible health data, the app must adhere to European data security regulations (GDPR)
  • Adding online courses in the form of articles, videos in a structured way (such as teachable)

As another option we are exploring building a progressive web app.

Any feedback and/or ideas would help a lot!



The only thing I’d be wary of is the medical data. Take a look at the specific requirements for the data you’re looking to capture, because for most medical data, the Bubble implementation won’t be compliant.