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Possible to get swedish letter "Å", "Ä" and "Ö" with in the export to excel?


Hi all Bubble developers,

I just finished first base on my application and just have small adjustments to be done. I successfully manage to setup a function to export a repearing group and when exporting it, open file I see letters excist in Sweden “Å”, “Ä” and “Ö” is translated into strange symbols.

Do anyone know how to add those letters? In the database it seems right, its just in the export something happens.

Thanks in advance.

Br. Tomas


Hej Tomas!

Till vilket program exporterar du din data till? Vad är det för data? Jag får nämligen med bokstäverna å, ä och ö.


Excel … har testat byta språk under General till både Svenska och Engelska. Samma gäller vid export både backend och i “Live” appen.

Använder du inbyggd exportfunktion eller app?


Jag exporterar till drive, du kanske kan gå den vägen och sedan ladda ner det därifrån. Jag använder den inbyggda.


Depending on your version of Excel, it has known issues handling UTF8 characters. For example on Excel MAC 2011, it just won’t read these characters. My guess is that if you try another application for reading the export from Bubble, you’ll be okay.


You are right! Works perfect in Drive! Will try to reinstall Excel as well otherwise Drive works just perfect.

Thank you very much for fast response and help.

Br. Tomas