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Quite Impossible - Be careful when running API Flows in parallel



I will try to keep this short:

Say I run API flow on a list of records with a common parent,
During this flow I try to change this common parent,
The parent does not change accurately as all flows finish running.

I do not know how Bubble is set up but it kinda seems to be the DB problem: API flows run after each other with a very short gap in between, but this gap is not enough to update a record in common, hence the BUG tag.

The application of the above is to safe time when running flows. Equivalent loop for what I am trying to achieve takes significantly longer (despite flow actually being quite simple).

I spent 3 days trying to work things out but no result. Can this behaviour be fixed?


I’ve encountered the same. What I’ve resorted to is employing a “housekeeping” workflow that runs after all of the workflows on a list finish. (Ie. a second API workflow updating the common parent 30 seconds later or as part of an on-page workflow the next time the user requests the data point with the common parent).

For example, when I have an API workflow on a list, and the first item is a create a thing or make changes to a thing, followed by a step two that references a common parent, it is consistently unreliable. (I’ve tried different permutations between add a simple item, set list, etc., all with mixed results).


Also encountered this issue and have not been able to fix it and have resorted to restructuring work-flows and databases, which is not ideal.


I’m receiving an exception (only Development environment) in one API Call! This part are not being able to run in Debug mod as well. I tested just the API call and is working fine. There wasn’t any updat at this code. At live enviroment is working fine.


@StevenM @ualdir

I kinda had it working a couple of times (no consistency!) where I added add extra steps to extend length of script but this is just silly.

I also tried to implement a “housekeeping” flow on the side but it works only if I know how many levels of children are going to be “touched”, which is not helping if I have nested records (i.e. children of children and so on).

I personally do not see why this can’t be fixed. Any suggestion how we could get Bubble to help? Or would it be quicker to give up?


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