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Real time tracking with maps


I know this post is fairly old, but im hoping you can tell me what mechanism is auto-binding to the database for map position updates? I ended up using a workflow to create the position database field.




It is an Input element, its value (geographic position) is altered by javascript.

A “Every ten seconds” workflow alters a custom state, which is referenced in a HTML element as a dynamic expression. This change causes the HTML to be re-evaluated, including the current geographic position, another dynamic expression. The HTML contains javascript to update the Input element if needed.

It isn’t very kind on resources … effectively queries Google’s geographic API every ten seconds for every user viewing the page.


Thanks! Its definetly spamming the google api


On the topic of javascript and maps, does the Bubble map already include the javascript library? I don’t see it listed in the Plugin tab under the Google Maps Extended plugin, but when I add the library to the heading in the settings tab, the console throws errors saying that the library is being requested too many times. I am trying to use getZoom() to get the updated zoom whenever a user zooms in or out of the map. I hope to use the zoom to dynamically change the area displayed in the map, which will serve as a filter for a repeating group (there will be some calculating with the help of ESRI data). Essentially, I want the repeating group to dynamically display any markers visible in the map view.