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Rebrandly API Plugin Issue


Hi all, @romanmg

I am trying to use the Rebrandly plugin to create a short URL. Whenever the user passes a URL to the plugin, I get an API error response from Rebrandly (API keys and setup is fine), using the free tier of Rebrandly and am not passing any ‘notes’ to the api, just a URL. The plugin parameters don’t even accept notes.

Their dev team isn’t sure what it is, any ideas? The error code is below:

Thanks for the help!



I haven’t looked at the docs and you probabaly are already be doing this, but try to encode the url when you pass it in the API. It may do the trick


Could you elaborate on that please? Thanks


When you select the url, use the formatted as option and choose URL encode


Hey @help!

If you’re referring to the Create branded URLs with Rebrandly plugin, give us a shout at The error may be tied to parameter format, we’re happy to take a look. :slight_smile:


Sending it over to you thanks!


Thanks for the suggestion. Tried using URL encoding with and without the replace space checkbox ticked. Response was invalid format


Certainly a bit odd. Looks like description is being passed anyway, but no idea what it in there !

Maybe easier to just do the call natively. That works.


Thanks Nigel, I might have to play around with it natively then! I’ll see what @romanmg and the team come back with


Hi @help, I know it’s been a few days, but just wanted to make sure you were reaching out to the right plugin developer (@cobubble) for this. Best to reach out to their plugin email to get in touch (

Wanted to clarify that CoBubble and I are separate developers :slight_smile:


@romanmg We did hear from @help. Thanks for clarifying as always. :slight_smile:


Thanks and apologies for the mistake


Hey @help,

Just a heads-up that we pushed Version 2.0 of the Rebrandly plugin. It seems like the structure of the API was slightly-altered causing validation issues against Rebrandly’s checks. With the action now being singular and server-side, you should be able to more reliably shorten URLs without issues.

In the event that you do still run into issues, let us know at :slight_smile:


Thanks thats great! Thanks for letting me know