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RELEASED - New Plugin - Wordcloud

I’m looking for people who would like to test a new plugin that create wordcloud. Based on the Jason Davies one.

If you have a large data set, you are welcome. I have test with small text dataset but now would like to test with bigger one.

Let me know in private message if you are interested. Thanks!


Very cool plugin :slight_smile:

The left side does not always load in for me:

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Yes I know. You can click on regenerate. I think it’s an issue with multiple instance of the plugin. Didn’t get this issuw while I use only 1. I will try to find a fix. Thanks


This is cool any updates if this will be released as a plugin?

Yes it will. Maybe at the end of current week.


Hey! Is this still going to be ready this week? :slight_smile:

It’s perfect for what I need, nice work!

Please can I test. I’d really like this also.

Yes. Will be ready at the end of the week

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Any updates on this plugin :slight_smile:

Also any idea what cost are you going to charge?

I’M working hard to release it today. Actually a bug with PNG with some other plugin (like tagger). Trying to fix that.
Price will be one time fee of 3$


Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay. Very busy. Will send a request for release this week

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Hi! Released now and available on market.
Limitation with other plugin for the PNG generator.

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