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Repeating Group searching with one filter OR a different filter


So I’m currently making a sort of social networking app similar to twitter, and right now I’m having issues with displaying posts on the homepage.

Currently each user has a list called “Following” which is a list of users the current user follows.

The home page displays posts from the users they follow.
However it does not also display the posts of the current user, and this is where my problem lies.

What i’m wanting to do is to have it look for posts with a filter, and posts with another, instead of posts that have a filter and another filter.

Anyone know how to achieve this?


Merge your searches. You can do “Search for Posts :merged with Search for Posts” and each search can have its own set of constraints.

Combining search constraints with OR

Was waiting for a reply and figured that out on my own, but thanks, hope people who are as stumped as I was stumble across this :smiley:


excellent advice


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