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Responsive Design vs Mobile Version of the page

i have a complex app with overlapping groups + custom states hide show…etc , now i’m trying to figure out how to approach responsiveness for mobile.
It is really a complex process to make a page responsive with bubble, so i thought it might be better to create a new page just for mobile and insert it in the mobile version option.
any thoughts regarding this? advantages, disadvantages for each approach?


This is the approach that we took. We have something similar in complexity. We just cloned the main page, and then rebuilt the view for mobile. It does become extra work, though, when you make changes, since you’ll have to do every change twice. After the first experience, we just started all our projects with a responsive design in mind from the start, and made sure to set up all the groups and elements appropriately, based on what we learned from doing it the “wrong” way the first time.


I also adopted a similar approach. And it is alot of work, but it’s more like just tedious work. if you use alot of reusable elements you might be able to make it work.

I find desktop to mobile is quite easy. I keep my page width to around 380px and it seems to work for most devices. But tablets were alot more frustrating, it made me really think I should have spent more time looking at bubble’s responsive functions.

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I’m looking for more opinions on this matter, anyone?

I do everything with one page, and take the extra time to make it work across all screens. This saves a ton of time on the workflows, and saves significant effort on rework when you want to make changes.


do you start with mobile or desktop first?

Depends on what app I’m building. Most of the things I build are highly unlikely to be used on mobile, so I design for what makes sense on larger screens first.