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Restricting MY access to users' data with the Privacy tab


Is there a way to restrict access to a data type such that even the app builder cannot view its content on the data page?

The data I’m hoping to use and serve back to the user is sensitive enough that I don’t want to be able to access it. Is it currently possible for the app builder to restrict their own view access to user data other than passwords?



We haven’t built that option yet. If you’re the admin and don’t share the control, things should be safe right?


Thanks for the response.

This feature would be useful for handling users’ more sensitive data: for example addresses, banking info, etc. Things that ideally would only be decrypted when needed rather than stored as plaintext. I don’t know enough about encryption to make any further recommendations though. I think this feature could allow for greater trust between users and the app and consequently allow for the adoption of whole set of use cases that use more sensitive data.

Of course I know y’all have a lot of other priorities in the queue.


Any news on this road? This would be a really killer feature! Would solve oh so many problems.
Also, there should be a possibility of creating password fields for other things, too - so that it would be one possible type for a field in a thing…


Yes, this feature would make it possible for me to build apps whereby I can demonstrate to a client that I cannot read their sensitive data. Medical/Banking records to name but two. Only they should be able to read it.

Could we not have a simple ‘encrypted’ type of field (added into the list of text, number, date etc etc)? Then only the Current User logged in can enter data and read that field. To test the developer would just have test as a User.

Boy that would make Bubble head and shoulders above a lot out there!