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Retrieve Messages via Cobubble's Twilio Plugin


Has anyone tried implementing the “Retrieve a message” call from the Twilio Plugin? If so, are, you getting a 11200 error? If you didn’t get this error or figured out how to NOT get the error, I’d appreciate it if you explained your process.

Just to provide some more context, the API call itself is working perfectly fine. I just continue to receive a 11200 error in the Twilio console every time I make this call. I contacted Twilio’s support but they were quite useless.

Here’s the explanation for the error

The support guy also kept telling me to make sure the response I get from the call followed this document: (not very helpful)




Hey @dbevan,

We’ll kick off a conversation with Bubble and Twilio to figure out what the cause is here. I think it’s important to note (for those who may not be as technically-inclined) that the Retrieve a text message request works as designed, it’s just an error that keeps getting thrown up in Twilio’s debugger which is the concern here.

A temporary solution for the unwanted error notifications in Twilio is to simply mute them through their console, but that understandably isn’t best practice when going to production. Once we get some more information on this, we’ll be sure to report as needed. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Cheers!


Any update on this guys? Thanks!


@dbevan Nothing to note as of yet, but we’ll update when we do. :wink:


I’m following the Copilot tutorials and using their plugin but it seems the set up steps are different now… I’m assuming the plugin has been updated but the videos haven’t. - specifically around the need for base 64 encoding etc. Can anyone confirm? @copilot

I’m getting the same 11200 error messages for receiving text messages and I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong…


Hey @brett.miles,

You’ll still receive the 11200 error within Twilio, but it shouldn’t have an effect on message deliverability. Should you discover an actual bug with the plugin, let us know by filing a bug report with us. :slight_smile: