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Reusable element


Dear, I created a group with workflows for a menu and converted it to a reusable element. Can I copy this reusable element to other applications with the workflows intact?


Yep, but after replacing you’ll have issues if the logic is tied to the database.


Yes you should be able to copy all the workflows within the reusable element over to another app (this can include of course conditions and the elements themselves) - something to check though is making sure all the workflows copy. For instance, when using the ‘Select all’ in the edit menu and then copying the workflows of all elements, it wont actually copy workflows like ‘On page load’ - so when you have copied the workflows over, perhaps just double check the count of workflows matches.

As mentioned, you’ll have issues if you use conditions to a data type. I’ve yet to fully test, but I’ve recently found that before copying workflows, setting up the exact same data type with all the fields (using the exact naming structure) will work with workflow actions like ‘Create a thing’ with all the fields auto-assigning when you do copy over to the other app.
I have not tested though if this would work with data types in a condition of ‘Only when’ on workflow actions (or element conditions for that matter) - it may work, I’m tempted to give this a try at the weekend, as its always helpful to know limitations outside apps…

On Bubble’s roadmap they have:

I’m not exactly sure what it entails but this sounds like it could help in these situations to provide a more fluid process for creating reusable elements that can possibly plugin to other apps…one hopes :wink:


Sounds great. Thanks for the information everyone I appreciate it.

Can’t say how much I start to love Bubble and it’s users!!