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SAML Integration

Hi there, to make the apps more accessible to enterprises I wonder if SAML has been thought of as a potential authentication integration? I was hoping to find some kind of Javascript plugin for SAML but I cant find one unfortunately :frowning:

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I would also be very interested in this.

I would also like to have a SAML plugin. Did you guys ever figure something out for this?

I have not used SAML, but Auth0 is an easy integration with Bubble (just set it up as a Social Login) and provides this along with other enterprise logins.

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Yeah I was about to say Auth0 is the only option that I am aware of at the moment its just very pricy when you start trying to do SAML (known as enterprise logins in Auth0).

Just looked at the enterprise pricing … Ouch !

Indeed haha :smiley: