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Saving bubble apps


I suggest to have a ‘Save’ button in the Edit section. Also a button to disable ‘Saving’ status and save the program ourselves. ‘Saving’ problem occurs to me a lot, and I don’t know what to do. Let us have a save button(but still turn on autosave), and also if it’s “Saving” make it so you can cancel saving for now, and save again manually after that!



Hi, im so frustrated! For example i started working today on an app i worked on last night, and then i messed up the header pretty quickly (reusable…) anyway what i am asking is where do i retrieve the saved version from last night? since what i did today mess up the headers so i want to retrieve previous saved versions of the app ( i did try undo while messing up and it’s not doing it ). Pls help me!!!



commit development versions, there is a time limit for deploying past version though (if not on paid account)



I only saw this today and i have not committed one before :frowning: however i have duplicated (copy function) my app last night as vers2 saved - although im comparing bits to my working app i cannot get my menu work. And i used airdev canvas it says u cannot copy and paste between apps - but i m working on (one!) an app but saved two versions while trying to debug one/ or simple worry loosing work. so basically im trying to work things out exploring both Bubble and airdev canvas so this ‘rule about: one cannot copy and paste between apps’ made me so frustrated. but thanks anyway. im still so frustrated and stuck with fixing something so simple which is actually working on my saved vers 2!!!