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Saving GPS location not Address


The new data view is great, but it did surprise me that the address is an actual address, not the current GPS location. Is it possible to store the actual GPS location rather than translating this to an address ? Thanks.


So the way we save addresses contains the GPS info actually. When you’re editing your app, you can select latitude/longitude to display after the address in the composer. Our current view system doesn’t enable you to use this info to display it, but you can

  1. create your own data view in an admin page
  2. save the latitude/longitude in 2 different numerical fields and display them in the data view.


In other words if you create a form where, among other things, it saves a location then you could have the field to be of Address type which accepts two kinds of input: “Mikonou 41-47, Pireas 185 41, Greece” or “37.955289, 23.663386” will both work and give the same location!
Just try it and enjoy!


Ahhh, it all now makes sense :smile:

Thanks, yes, I am using the GPS position to add things rather than inputs, so it must be doing both but only showing me one.


How can I get the GPS location of the user?


“Current position” … Scroll down a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks! I can see it now. :smile:


So, just to be clear, there is no way to use a latitude and longitude to plot a point on a google map?

I took a recent trip to Ireland and took some pictures in uncommon places. My pictures are geo-tagged which is correct when I look up the degrees, minutes, seconds. But when I enter the decimal degrees for latitude, longitude in to my app, the app maps it to the closest address, which seldom is correct.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Coordinates Precision

By the looks of it, this behavior has changed since October time.

As you say, it now seems to have some quantisation to an actual address.

I had previously managed to get a precise lat/long working …

And that worked (sort of) by stepping the marker across the map.

Sadly I have now deleted that page, so can’t compare between now and then.


Yes right now thing work with addresses. We could look into adding this, but we need to think a little about it first. Please email us to see what we can do.


I think it used to save the actual lat/long but the nearest address. You could certainly pull back the same position from the address as you saved. But now you can see the lat/long change.

So…Current Position isn’t current position anymore. It is “nearest address to current position” it seems when saved as an address.

Isn’t quite so much adding, as putting back how it used to be :smile:

Although what seems different is that I can’t set an address to be a lat/long now.

I can enter lat/long in an address type input field … but if you then pull out the lat/long for the address then it has been transformed into the lat/long at the address.

That isn’t too bad, as I could pull out the lat/long into new data fields.

What I now can’t do is display them on a map at that position.

It would be useful to be able to separate position from address.

Map not accepting Latitude and Longitude as inputs
Why can't Maps be an Input? Or Behave like one?

We’re pushing now a formula that lets you go from coordinates the an address (including the formatted address, if available). That way, you can display coordinates on a map.

Pick ‘Calculate Formula’ in the dropdown and then ‘Coordinates to Address’.


Awesome :slight_smile:


Ok, having another play with this and … I am confused.

It used to be that “current location” stored the current GPS and the nearest address. And it would display the GPS position on the map.

And then something changed, and when you displayed the address on a map it showed the marker at the nearest address not the GPS position. So location quanitsed to addresses.

But now it has been put back the way it was ? Is that right ?

This new “Coordinates to Address” just allows you to store an address with a lat/long (for example two input fields) so you don’t have to have separate fields ?

Or am I missing something ?


The formula is here to convert a duo lat/lon into an address that Bubble understands, puts on a map, etc. What you do with it (save it, etc.) is up to you.


This seems to solve the issue that I’m hoping too solve… But I can’t seem to figure out the type settings as it keeps giving me an issue.

What is wrong with the below settings?

Lat/Long values is of type = text thing = airport

I assume setting of the map must be ‘google places’?

Or what am I supposed to set each element too while using this ‘calculate formula’ to arrive at a fixed address to populate on google maps?


How is this feature functioning right now?

I’m about to start a new project where the ability to track and use precise GPS coordinates is vital to mark landscape features and trees and display them on a map. Can that be done?



Which feature are you talking about? You can certainly extract GPS location from address, and go from coordinates to addresses.



I’m talking about the function of displaying coordinates on the map. When I have saved some objects with precise coordinates, can these be displayed on the map by the same coordinates (e.g. two trees separately with a distance of 7 meters between them are displayed as separate markers when zooming close enough) or are the coordinates translated to address and displayed as a generic address marker (e.g. the same two trees are on the same address therefore the map markers overlap and are displayed at the address derived from the coordinates)



We have a formula that lets you enter two coordinates (can be dynamic) and return an address that can be displayed on a map. See the formula option in the first drop down of the expression composer.