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Send a confirmation email to a User that someone else creates


Does anyone know how to send a confirmation email to a user that someone else created. The only option right now is to send confirmation email and it gets sent to the user who created the account for the other user and not the new user. Not sure if this is possible. Thanks!



Hi, maybe you solved this already, but, can’t you simply create an email to that created user off the form info that the existing user input?



One way could be to start a workflow action with “Create an account for someone else”, then create a boolean on the user (maybe “User Confirmed”) and set the default value to “no”.

STEP 2 > “Send password reset email” so that the only way the user can log in, is by resetting their password via the email. Once they’ve reset they’re email, run a workflow that sets the “User Confirmed” boolean from “no” to “yes” when the user logs in. At least you’ll know that they have seen the email if they have logged in because they couldn’t possibly do so if you sent a reset password email.