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Send email problem


We have problem with send email action.
It work well several day so far, happen from today morning.
We have simple workflow to send email action. We can see email send ok from server log, but no email receive from our address.
It happen with all bubble application ( we using send email not using SendGrid).


Hello, I think I understand your issue, but I will need you to explain more so I can understand better. Are you using the default bubble send email workflow, or are you using a third party plugin?


I’m using default send email of bubble workflow. I can see the message from server log

I just try to added simple button with workflow send email after click, but still does not work.


Okay. I have just gotten notice that other people are having this issue as well. It must be a problem with the bubble side of things. Your best bet would be to get in contact with higher up bubble staff to get the issue known to them. They can hopefully fix it.


Ok, we send email to support team already, wait to see what they say.
Thank for your response.


We’re working on a fix now and will update the status page once live


If you guys use on SendGrid, you will not see the issue.


Also, please let me know about limitation of send email workflow from Bubble? How many per day? How can we check email send or not?( if we not add our email to bcc) I can’t find this information from documentation.


The fix is live for free plan apps hosted on We are still investigating the behavior for apps that have a custom domain name but don’t use Sendgrid.


@lhlong see this thread for more information on limits. You can typically check if email is sent using server logs but in case there is a bug, do reach out to Support.


Hi Neerja,

Once resolved, will the back log of emails be sent or would we have to action the workflows again?




@andrew.illingworth91 You would have to reschedule the workflows to send email.


Still not able to send email via send mail workflow.


I also still have this problem how can it be fixed


My advice would be: Setup Sendgrid. It’s easy and its free if you send less than 100 messeages a day


Im using another way, want to share with you.
I added Zapier ( to catch hook and send email from our domain email address)
Here is my steps:

  1. Create Zapier get webhook address with catch hook action.
  2. Add this address to API connection, ( type = POST, add body parameter).
  3. Send test POST request , then get the sample data from webhook
  4. Zapier-Create email template with data post from Bubble( added our domain email)
  5. Create a table to store log, then from workflow create action " Create a new thing"
    Action: Get data from external API then inport parameter to POST.
    Then test.
    Zapier working very well.


Sendgrid does not support transaction email with Dynamic data.


If you are still running into issues sending emails from your app, please submit a bug report


I submit another post at Bug forum,

Our current plan is Pro.