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Send email problem



Has there been a solution for this issue yet? My normal bubble send email workflows just stopped working.

I’m still on the free “hobby” plan, my app is unpublished, I do not have a custom domain. Everything was working fine about a day or two ago. I do not want to have to use sendgrid right now. I’m just building and testing out a beta.

Thank you


Same here.

Opened a bug report, waiting for the response.

@neerja, would be great if you could look into this as a priority - I believe it’s fundamental for a lot of affected apps.


We are looking into this now


None of my bubble emails are working, including password resets, etc. It’s impacting all of my users!


We have identified the issue and are working on a fix. The emails are queued and will go out eventually.


@neerja Hey, how long do you think it will take from now? Do i have to find another email solution untill it works? Or is it going to work within the next 1-2 hours?


@nicklasp1337 New emails should already send normally. We are working on the queue emails. Status Page will reflect the latest.


@neerja I sent some test emails, 30 min ago, and about 20 min ago and i just sent one now (1 min ago), and nothing has arrived yet


@neerja New sent emails are not working for me, i don’t know if i’m the only one with that problem


I am also still experiencing the issue with both of the apps that were experiencing it earlier.


@nicklasp1337 @ben9 Thanks for the update. We’re investigating why the fix for new emails isn’t effective in some apps


To give the community more information, the issue is that apps not using their own keys are facing problems and we’re working with Sendgrid to resolve that.


For new emails, if you are still running into issues, this is likely due to rate-limiting which can be confirmed in server logs under ‘Sending email failed’


@neerja I do not have any issues showing up in the logs, but am still not seeing the emails. Could you please advise next steps?


@ben9 Thanks for confirming. If the issue is urgent, we would recommend using your own Sendgrid keys as those are not impacted.


Do we have an estimate on when it will be fixed?


So I just checked my emails and it looks like it started working again about 6 hours ago.

Looks like the emails are processed via sendgrid. Do I need to set up a sendgrid plugin?


I’m having the same issue. Really Frustrating


Hello again,

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the hard work going into resolving this issue for everyone and I’m sure I am not the only one. So thanks again.

Might there be any updates?



Sorry guys, we’re kind of bottlenecked by Sendgrid support. We are working to get this resolved ASAP but in the mean time please use your own keys.