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Sendgrid - Bringing Invalid/Bounced Email Addresses Back into Bubble


I’m building a quite sophisticated messaging system, and I want my users to know if an email that was sent through Sendgrid was sent to an invalid address or bounced back by the receiving server. I can’t see any existing plugin options that address this.

Does anyone have experience of how to do this?

Is it easier in other systems such as SendinBlue or ClickSend rather than Sendgrid?

I don’t mind doing some work to get it going, but a pointer to a direction that works would be much appreciated!

Best wishes,


I think Sendgrid allows you to specify webhooks when events like a bounce happen. So that would be a Bubble workflow API.

Alternatively, use the SendGrid API to GET a list of bounces ?


Hey Nigel… good to hear from you! :slight_smile: Yes, that makes sense. I’m hoping someone has done it before and has the webhooks or API set up… it’s still a bit of a learning area for me and time is tight. Let’s see!


Sadly not, we are using Postmark as the barrier to adding third party emails is lower.

But the idea will be the same.