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Sendgrid Transactional Email Bug for Unsubscribe Links



I have contacted the author of the SendGrid Pluigin (copilot) about this issue as I believe its a bug but I am posting here just incase anyone else has this issue. Sidenote, the Plugin is fantastic and we are 98% there with it!

We are using dynamic transactional templates and everything is working fine. The only issue we have is the unsubscribe link isn’t linking. Its outputting as " [<%asm_group_unsubscribe_raw_url%>]Unsubscribe - [<%asm_preferences_raw_url%>]Unsubscribe Preferences" and in some other email clients it appears to be a hyperlinking but has no actual link attached.

If I remove the module, I get a message that the campaign won’t be able to send as its spam law requirement (apparently for transactional also).

Consulting the Sendgrid documentation here, I see that it does need to be declared in the API which I assume it currently isn’t. I can see no settings for it either.

Any easy ways around this?

Thanks in advance.