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SEO and Dynamic vs Static Content


Morning All,

Quick question about how best to approach SEO when it comes to content. If you have a page with one text box that is dynamic in what it reads as, then is that viewable on Google provided it is public? Or should you have multiple groups each with their own static fixed text? Just trying to set up a blog like tool and want to know how to best structure it so Google can crawl the content. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi! Any updates here? I have the same question


Google can crawl and index text on sites with ease. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in one text box or 50 for Google to be able to index it.

Of course, if you want to tag different content as h1, h2, and h3 (which is a good practice) then it’s a lot easier to do so when the text is in separate boxes. This way, you can make the page header an h1, the subsection headers h2, etc.

As for static vs. dynamic - I don’t think this matters much at all. Google is simply looking at the output text (that a site visitor will see) and doesn’t care whether the database calculated it dynamically or whether it’s static (unless, of course, one loads materially faster then the speed matters).


Actually in my case I am seeing a huge difference in Google search rankings of my pages built in Bubble as dynamic poorer results than static pages.

It might be the super long links, but not sure if that’s the only problem.

I’ve also added informations for google to understand what is important on each page dynamically too. Also included dynamic parameters at each pages’ SEO settings. After one year of staying published I can’t see them through organic search results in Google.

Do you have any personal page examples to show static vs dynamic page rankings not matter much?



How are you comparing the results of dynamic vs. static pages?

The on-page SEO factors are nearly identical between the two. The off page factors (i.e., links to each page from your site, links to each page from other sites) are weighted more heavily in Google and are very difficult to compare across pages.


I have number of dynamic pages that rank fairly well on Google - I haven’t observed any major difference between static and dynamic pages. The only thing that I might look into is how quickly the dynamic data loads and if you could optimize your pages for speed. As @sridharan.s mentioned, there might be a number of off-page factors that might be the why you are seeing the difference.


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