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Shouldn't text be aligned along the bottom rather than the top? (Screenshot attached)


In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that the 3 different texts all line up along their top edge rather than their bottom edge (I put the 2 shapes there to accentuate this).


Is that normal? Because it means when you use multiple text elements (with different font sizes) on the same line, they don’t line up how you would expect. E.g. It makes table-like data look really bad.

Editor: )


@bubble am I wrong about this? Shouldn’t text be bottom-aligned instead of top-aligned?


I think normally yes, but websites naturally flow downward. It is weird but I think that is the reason it is set like this. Just my theory. :slight_smile:


This was a design choice that we made when building core Bubble and cannot change at this point, because the change would break every app. The thing to do here is to add vertical padding as needed.


How does that work with dynamic text, where we can’t determine the length?

I understand the decision, just curious if there’s a workaround


Length wouldn’t impact the nature of adding vertical padding. If we’re missing context, please send a bug report with further details to support.