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[Showcase] The Messaging Template & The Responsive Base Template by Littlebay


I bought it :P, Cheers


Thank you so much, Dylan! :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions as you go through the setup guide and documentation!


I love the template! Amazing job!

Do you think would be possible to add the template as new App and connect to my current bubble application via API?

I was wondering if I could add a chat icon on my app and when they click it goes to a separate app just for the chat (like Facebook and Messenger)

Thank you!


Aaaand… here’s why we can’t have nice things.


@caioprezia Thank you so much, Caio!! :smiley: I greatly appreciate it! :sparkles:

That’s a great question – I probably wouldn’t recommend having two apps, but it is possible to allow Users to login to a second Bubble app, using their credentials from the main app. This way, they wouldn’t have to re-signup for the second app.

Once the App Connector plugin is setup between your main app and the second app, Bubble will allow you to use the “Signup/Login with a social network” action in place of the template’s default signup/login actions:

(After selecting that action and configuring the App Connector plugin with your main app, Bubble will allow you to select the main app from the “OAuth provider” dropdown)

As long as the Current User is currently logged into your main app, Bubble will signup or login the User to that account in the second app. After the signup action, you would then also need to ‘import’ the Current User’s name and profile picture so they’re shown in the second app on the messaging page :slight_smile: (here’s an example):

With that said, these applications would be completely separate, and if you were to ever need to write/retrieve data from the template app into the main app in the future, that would require significant changes to the template’s setup. In the future, I hope it’s easier to ‘combine’ an existing app with a template app so you won’t need to do this, but this is probably as close as it can be at the moment. I hope that helps, but please let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


wow, Thank you so much for your detailed reply @fayewatson !

I think I’m going to try that. I hope it works :slight_smile:

I will just finish some adjustments on my app to prepare for the integration.

Again, thank you!


@caioprezia No problem at all, Caio! :smiley: Feel free to send me a PM or email if you need any help setting up the App Connector plugin between the apps - glad to provide more detail there!


@fayewatson Since is this such a fantastic template (well designed, commented, documented, etc) I am sure there is a roadmap of new, pages, ui elements, states, workflows, etc, planned. What is your timeline and roadmap for the future with this template?


@carlos1 Thank you so much, Carlos! :slight_smile: I greatly appreciate it! Yes, I have started on other templates which utilize the messaging functionality, though I don’t have a specific timeline for when they will be released. I probably won’t be making any significant changes to the UI/base aspects of each template, and will mainly focus on creating more templates that have functionality which wouldn’t need to change very much from app to app. (e.g., a forum, CRM base, marketplace.). Essentially, any type of template that makes it relatively easy for Bubblers to ‘build on top of’ without needing to adjust a lot of the existing workflows. I’m definitely open to suggestions, though! Is there any specific functionality you are looking for?


Hypothesis: Having a template, that mimics Wordpress’ “One Click Install” will increase your sales. For example, the first thing that everybody can do when they start a project is to start blogging about it. While they are blogging, they are building an audience, and working on the core functionality of their app.

If your template has a blog page and admin page, then anybody can buy your app and write their first blog post in the first day. i.e. “One Click Install”.

Why is this important?
Every product has a core metric that increases the use of their product. For example, a social network may determine that when users add at least 10 friends they will login a second time. So the designers will build features to optimize the user to add at least 10 friends.

For you, that metric or realization may be “If potential buyers know they can be in ‘business’ (with a blog) the same day of purchasing more people will buy the template, because of a higher conversion rate”.

Pages that I would add to this Messaging template:

A blog page
A blog admin page
A sales funnel/click funnel, with multiple email triggers)
A dashboard/admin page with analytics

Minor UX improvements:

Date Input Field: A date picker that allows earlier start date to be easily inputted. i.e. If start date is multiple years before current date (e.g. 1970) can’t quickly pick 1970 as date.

This is a great template with what looks like great documentation.

Feel Free to DM anytime, if you need private user feedback, etc. Happy to help.


@carlos1 Wow! Thank you so much for the thoughtful and useful feedback, Carlos! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this! When first planning out the templates, I went back-and-forth a little bit on adding blogging functionality, just because I wasn’t sure if Bubblers would prefer to use something like Medium (under their own domain, similar to how Bubble does it now) and link to that blog from their app, or have everything within their Bubble app. It definitely makes sense to look into more, considering there are also a number of Bubblers who use Bubble for their blog, and because Medium removed the option to host a blog under a custom domain. I’ll explore this a little further (as well as a better datepicker option) and definitely reach out with any questions! Thank you again so much for your help, Carlos! :slight_smile:


I have purchased the ‘Messaging Template’ today and @fayewatson did an incredible job! Wonderful job on the template and documentation. Thank you!


@caioprezia Thank you so much, Caio! :relaxed: I really appreciate it, and I’m so glad to hear the template will be useful for your app! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!