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Social Media Marketer Recommendations?


My app is live, here,

and I need a growth marketer to bring users to it. 100% user generated content, 100% built in user virality.

Equity based on performance. Anyone here know of anyone with good results in the B2C space?


is this a joke?

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I run a digital marketing company, We do Social media, SEO, Adwords, and much more

Send me a message we can discuss your goals and app


I think they want to pay you with equity :slight_smile:


Simply put…I’m very confused by this post.


Simply asked, what, specifically, confuses you?


Initially, yes.


Just spam this on Reddit. They are into cats.


Is this a serious or just a jokey type post?

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Please never take this post down. :smile:


I’m seeing lots of non-cat pictures. You need a “not cat” algorithm to ensure only cats are added.


Yeah, that’s on my to do list.

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My advice is to let someone work on your design first :wink: No offense, but your main page needs to be active in order to attract clients.