[SOLVED] Looking for way to get user’s timezone


I’d like to store the user’s timezone on signup. However, when I store the current_date/time:formatted as “Z”, the timezone is always stored as “UTC” in the database. How do I get the timezone from the User instead of the Server?

returns “UTC”



Why do you need to store this?

I’m asking because I thought I needed the same in order to display dates corrected for timezones. Turned out I didnt and I managed through another way.

I may have some code still somewhere that will give the browsers offset which is basically the same thing. If I remember correctly there are two plugins you could use. TimezoneDB and Unix converter. They should also do the trick


Valid question. I need it for another API call that goes out through the API workflows. I need the ISO America/New_York format timezone for each user.


Well, I guess the simplest way is to go via location and return time zone ID


This is the “America/New_York” format.

However that will either mean using browser location or asking them to enter a location via a search box (which is what I am doign above).


Thanks Nigel. This definitely works. And, yep, I saw the prompt.

I ended up adding a little JS using toolkit which achieves the same thing without a prompt.


Maybe just to complement, this is how I got the UTC offset:

> <script src=""></script>

then the javascript to bubble element:

var offsetIs; offsetIs = moment().utcOffset();


Thanks for this as well. We also need to the time offset. I’m told that the latest version of Bubble apparently will expose the offset as a new feature. We’re behind the main cluster, so haven’t tried it out. Nice to have options if needed.