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Sorting users into groups - Allowing users in those groups to see the things made by others in those groups


So this is basically how I want it to work:

Anyone who signs up regularly on the website becomes an “Administrator”. They are able to add other people to their “team” via an email link.

Information is displayed like this:

The ideal situation is that anyone who makes a new “contact” can also see the contacts made by people in their “team” but not by other people using the app. The interface would be the same for every team using the app but the information displayed would only be information created by people in your team.

I’m using team in the sense of a company. So the administration would only be controlling the one team. There aren’t multiple teams under one administrator. “Teams” would be separate companies completely away from other teams using the app.

How would any of you go about setting this up?


you would do this with privacy settings