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SQL datetimes and the Calendar plugin


I’m filling a Calendar element with events that are coming from SQL Connector data.

Everything was going smoothly until I realized that the Calendar is interpreting the SQL datetimes as UTC timezone and converting them to the client’s local time before rendering them.

Example: if the event’s date on the SQL server is “1/1/2019 01:00am”, and I open the website on a computer in the EDT timezone, it will be rendered on the calendar as if it was “12/31/2018 07:00pm” (6 hours earlier), thereby placing the event on the ‘wrong’ date.

I understand that this isn’t a bug as much as it is basically the expected functionality of a JS calendar, but I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue before and has any solutions.

Data that is displayed within the event is easy to format using Bubble’s toolset so that it displays appropriately, by setting the date’s timezone choice to static/UTC. However, the underlying date that drives the event’s position on the calendar cannot be changed so easily.


here’s my SQL data:

and here’s how it displays on the calendar:

(note: on the calendar event i’m displaying the date twice for clarity, once without formatting and once with formatting to change it to “timezone selection: static choice, UTC”)

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time!This text will be hidden