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Stripe billing error Missing required param: items



I am using the classic Stripe plugin for Billing. I created my two products in both the test and prod environment on my Stripe account.
I followed the @romanmg advices of this post (Stripe subscription) and created new fiels to handly my pricing IDs.
Here is what it looks like.

The payment works for the development version but when running in live I Got this error

Can somebody help me ?



This is failing because “Search for Plan_Stripe’s” ID things returns an array. So, you’re not passing Stripe the expected single string.

Append :first item to your searches in the yes/no formatting fields.


thanks for your answer. I finally figured out. I gave the same name to both tets and live pricing plan. I unchecked the “dynamic value”. Bubble makes the difference between the two :slight_smile:

What a smart tool