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Stripe - Charge a user with saved cc info error



I’m getting the following error message when trying to charge a user with saved cc info in test mode:

  • “Sorry, this user didn’t provide his credit card information and can’t be charged”

In a previous workflow I have successfully saved the users credit card info and the user has been created in my Stripe dashboard as a customer with credit card info.

Has anyone run into a similar issue? Any ideas on what’s going on?




Hi @marconappolini - are you using Stripe.js plugin? At a high-level with that plugin, here are the steps:

In one workflow (initiated perhaps by a Button) do the following steps:

  1. Create Customer
  2. Save the Customer ID created by Stripe to a data field for that User
  3. Convert a Card to Stripetoken

In second workflow (initiated by an Stripetoken created Event) do the following steps:

  1. Create a Card in Stripe
  2. Charge payment to card

There may be some slicker ways but this approach works for me. Hope that helps

To charge the card at a later date, do the following in a workflow:

  1. Have a Step “charge payment to customers default card”. You’ll need the Stripe Customer ID created in Step 2 of first Workflow above.


Hi Nikolai,

Thanks a lot for the response. I should have specified, I’m using the Bubble Stripe plugin.

The customer has been created successfully in Stripe along with their id and credit card.

The issue seems to be that when I try and charge that user it’s not finding the card, even though there is one.

The actual error is specified in the languages tab in the Bubble database as ‘no_card_info’, which shows the message popup in the browser.

Perhaps it’s a bug?




Hi Marco - I’m not familiar with Bubble’s Stripe plugin but others in the forum are and can probably help.

Do you save the Stripe generated Customer ID for each User in Bubble? I believe all the ID’s have a “cus_” prefix. For Stripe.js I need to save that value in the database (unique for each relevant User) for use in future CC charge workflows.

I just added Bubble’s plugin and saw this Step option (image below). You’ve probably tried it using the ID in “Charged user” field?

To do a quick test, you can also copy/paste a “cus_” ID # from Stripe right into the “Charged user” field and see if that transacts (setup a single step workflow triggered by a button). That may help you with troubleshooting and determine if it’s a bug or not.



Thanks for the suggestions.

The ‘charged user’ field only accepts a user type and so I can’t test with the Customer ID - which i do have saved in the DB.

I wonder whether it’s because I’m using it in the test mode in Stripe, although not sure why that would be as I’ve successfully created the user in test mode in the previous steps.

@emmanuel, does this look like a bug? Any suggestions or should I submit a bug report?




It works fine on my side. As you said, it sound not seeing the current user, for whatever reason. Can’t help much. Maybe create a new page to test it?



This is by design if you use the Bubble-built plugin. The user is a user object, not a CustomerID, we automatically find the customer ID behind the scene. If that doesn’t work for you, you can probably find another plugin or use the API connector to implement the call you need.


Thanks Emmanuel. That’s fine, I’m happy using the Bubble plugin.

The problem is that even though a Customer ID exists in Stripe, it’s not finding it when I try to charge it and returning a ‘no card info’ error.

Do you have any suggestions?




That means Stripe there is no card for this user, so have the user save it first.


But the user does have a credit card saved on their account.
This was collected in an earlier workflow using ‘collect the user’s cc information’ event.
Below is the test users card in Stripe.

I have a repeating group which shows the stripe users id but it’s not pulling in their credit card id.

Am i missing a step to save the card details?