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Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳


##What can you do?

  • Charge buyers and sellers :money_mouth:
    Collect payments from your customers and commissions from your platform’s sellers

  • Create managed accounts :grinning:
    Manage your entire marketplace’s sellers and settings without your Stripe dashboard

  • Craft your own form inputs :grin:
    Take advantage of Bubble’s drag and drop interface and securely process sensitive data

  • Low-friction user experience :blush:
    Setup your sellers’ Stripe accounts behind the scenes while keeping their attention upfront

  • Client-side tokenization :wink:
    Safely and securely generate card, bank account and personal ID tokens across your platform

For the latest and upcoming set of features, visit

##What are some use cases?

  • Build your own user experience for collecting payments

  • Capture or authorize payments in the background

  • Collect a commission fee before paying sellers

  • Initiate fast payouts to sellers’ bank accounts

  • Create and store customers to your database

Visit the plugin documentation at

##What versions are there?

In an effort to better address the needs of the community, we’ve come up with two variants: Free and Plus.

Free (Get from Bubble)
Features to create sellers and charge payments.

Plus (Get from CoBubble)
A more robust variant with support for collecting commission, more requests, plus the above and more.

Both variants include free updates, installation support, video and text documentation. :book:

Disclaimer: CoBubble does not own the Stripe.js library. Review Stripe’s docs and terms before using.

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You’re the man @iamsalar


Would be interested in a quick compare vs the native integration – what incremental actions are you facilitating here?


Hey @uproute,

Good question! Maybe the best way to go about this is to share what Bubble’s Stripe plugin doesn’t have.

  • To allow Bubblers to take payments securely, Bubble implemented Stripe’s Checkout modal which many think takes away from the anonymity of your payment processor as well takes away from your user experience. Being able to design your own payment flow with your own inputs is a game-changer for designers, like us.

  • Managed Accounts fall under the Stripe Connect umbrella, which allow you to set up sellers without ever having them go through Stripe’s signup flow. Standalone Accounts require a redirection to Stripe which isn’t the smoothest way to onboard sellers, especially since gaining trust to acquire financial information is difficult as-is.

  • If you would like sellers to come back to your site after exiting the Stripe seller signup flow, you could pass sellers directly to your website without having to be redirected from Bubble’s generic endpoint. If your business relies on keeping the ‘built by Bubble’ bit under wraps, this one matters a ton just like the above.

  • Since you have more control over the creation of your sellers’ accounts, you also get a ton more control over their abilities such as payouts, external accounts, currencies, defaults and others things that you can address in your platform. On top of this, you can securely manipulate their accounts at any time.

The last point worth mentioning here is that this plugin is made by a group that has been working with Bubblers and non-Bubblers alike for a quite a while. Not to toot our own horn too much, but we think we have a pretty good idea of what platform builders and users need, because we work with them full-time. As you can imagine, we use our own products too, so if there’s a shortcoming, you bet we’ll investigate how we can work on or around it.

If you ever have ideas for this plugin or any of our upcoming components, give us a shout via email. :slight_smile:


Thanks – makes sense and certainly valuable improvements.


I’ve been waiting forever for this! I can almost guarantee you got another paid user on your hands!


I haven’t been able to get this to work :frowning:

Has anyone else had any luck?


No luck here either. Doesn’t seem to be sending any data to the API. I’m not even seeing error messages.
@iamsalar Any ideas?


Ok. Just had the idea to test the Pre-release build and it worked fine.
The problem seems to be with the 1.0.0 Plus version of the release build.


Thanks for reporting, @jjj230 and @nathan.d.stevens!

We have Stripe.js Plus running on our website, as a live test of sorts, which seems to be just fine.
Try Version 1.0.1, which features an updated Stripe library reference.


Salar, Version 1.0.1 works for me.


Hey @iamsalar thank you for the plugin and reasonable price! great work.

Regarding credit card token, in the video you mentioned that you don’t suggest storing it in the database because of security reasons, they expire etc. but can I create customer object and attach cc token to it and therefore it would be saved in the Stripe database?
I guess that’s how Bubble is ding it with ‘save customer CC info’ in order to charge customer at any time.


This is an awesome and perfect timing. I will be buying later today.

I noticed in the testing that when a charge ID is saved via result of step x that it adds a space to the end of the ID. Other than that, so far amazing.


@alvis That’s right, you shouldn’t be storing any tokens to your database outside of Customer or Account tokens. The Customer object is the recommended method of keeping a reference to a user/seller which may have all their information stored. We’ll be adding some Stripe management calls later today. :wink:

@nomadkelley Since Bubble handles the response parsing, there isn’t much we can do as plugin developers. Regardless, if you’re seeing errors arise as a result of the extra character, take advantage of the :trimmed modifier to remove any and all spaces. :thumbsup:


@iamsalar Thanks. That is what I am doing for the moment. Just ordered the pro.

@emmanuel is there anything we can do about this to make this simpler and to remove server load from extra trims?


Hi @iamsalar, I watched the video and the plugin looks great. Do you have any further documentation available (related specifically to the core offering of charging cards, not connected accounts)? Also, does the plugin provide support for Subscriptions? Thanks!


We’re in the middle of testing Version 1.1, which features support for customers and subscriptions!
Give us a shout at with your ideas, concerns, and support requests. :bulb:


Hi @iamsalar

Recently Stripe introduced support for 5 non-card payment methods for European customers:

Does/will your plugin support them?

Thanks for the hard work on this!


@andrew1 Seems like a must-have for European stores! We’ll get this scoped out before setting the version.