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Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳


Hi @Sheila123,

There is already an action present that enables adding just the last four of digits of a Seller’s SSN. :+1:


Hi @copilot,

Yes, I see that action on the list. However as part of my workflow I am using the Update A Seller’s Detail action which requires the PII Token. I have gone through the steps as per your course (which is great by the way). However, I am receiving an error message when I use only a four digit SS#. (It works fine when I use a dummy 9 digit #). So I assume the PII has to be 9 digits.

So if I decide to use the last four digits only, does that mean I cannot use the Update A Seller’s Detail action, but would rather have to create separate actions to update the seller’s details (e.g. name, address, DOB, etc.)?




There’s a number of possibilities, including the multi-step approach. In fact, many Bubblers prefer to have long chains of actions wrapped in an API Workflow to deliver a more asynchronous experience to users.

We recommend users seeking implementation assistance to book a Session with us. :sunglasses:


My I ask you : is strip offers services to Turkish companies?


Hey @imada484,

You can access Stripe’s up-to-date coverage area on their Global page. :wink:


@copilot Hey guys, awesome plugin. Thank you for everything.

One question: Any reason why when my app is “live” it wont create a token? It works perfectly fine under dev. version.

I’ve swapped out the keys to the live keys, but waiting for stripe to approve/activate the account/business (incase this info is applicable).

Thank you! Appreciate all your help.


Hi @philipchang24,

Make sure you have the appropriate keys set in both sets of fields in your Plugins tab.

For the future, give us a shout at for plugin-related inquiries. :+1:


Thank you!


Hi. I have a question. Since the documentation for stripe.js is not directly available for this plugin I was looking at the documentation of the stripe itself. In my app I charge the customer ( I am using “Stripe.js Platform - Charge customer” action) and the money goes to the platform and then I create a transfer to a seller. This plugin has also actions like “charge customer for transfer” but I can’t find the documentation for it or how is different from a regular charge. Where I can find detailed documentation for this plugin’s actions? Is it a good way to go the way I set it up? (Stripe got a transaction fee when the customer was charged and the payout delay to a seller is 5 days and I am wondering if stripe will apply another fee when I will transfer money from the platform to the seller). Thanks.


Hi @ion.petrea,

Stripe’s documentation is the best source of information for learning how to use Stripe.

Additionally, here’s the section quoted from the original post regarding support:


Hey guys, many people talks about this plugin video, and how to set up the Stripe JS, but in the page that @copilot provides I don’t see any documentation or any video at all.

Can you help me with that? :grinning:


Hey @dan25,

We’re uber-busy updating guides and resources for many of our plugins. For in-depth learning, our Platform Payments course is 3+ hours in length and covers pretty much everything you should know. :slight_smile:



I am trying to generate invoices and send them to the customer. When I use create an invoice how do I get access to this data? where is it stored. I would like to send the data to the customer before they are billed.




Hello @rachel.camp900,

Your first resource should always be the Stripe API documentation to see first what is possible. If you see a feature not present in Stripe.js, then you can implement it yourself or reach out to and sponsor it for all. We like to keep this plugin threads clean and clear for specific cases, as noted a few times above. :+1:



Thanks for getting in touch so quickly. The stripe documentation is for people with programming experience if not advanced bubble skills.

I am neither of those. I am learning by going on the forum asking questions, looking for people who have already asked the questions and examples were given of how to do it specifically with bubbles capabilities and then copy, learn and adapt from that. Stripe has very little about bubble for beginners there is also nothing substantial on the forum which is a real blocker for me.


Would be interested in a quick compare vs the native integration – what incremental actions are you facilitating here!?? :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
طراحی سایت و ثبت دامنه


Hi @fa.aramin,

That has been addressed in many threads by Bubblers if you’d like to search for them. :slight_smile:


Hi @copilot

Is there a way to register a seller rather than create a new one from scratch? Looking for similar to the method thats used in the Bubble Stripe plugin?




I think I have answered my own question stripe.js doesn’t support authorising a new seller if they already exist in Stripe.

I think I need to use the API connector to authorise the Stripe account and connect it. I will give it a go and report back.



Hi @simon,

That’s correct - you’ll have to work out your own OAuth flow to loop Standard sellers into your application. Once you have the Seller’s Account ID, you can use the rest of Stripe.js’ API requests all the same. As with many concepts, Stripe’s own documentation has the best breakdown on account types. We added the ‘Custom’ prefix back in Version 1.8 to clarify the type of account for which those features are intended. :slight_smile: