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Stripe.js Update Subscription Quantity


Correct! At least when it’s set to Public.


@Kfawcett, ah wonderful!

Making progress, but another question for you. How were you able to pull up this “Stripe - Get Subscription’s Get Subscription: first item’s id” call in the (path) Subscription Item ID field?

Did you use “get data from external API” and your option was there? If so, I cannot seem to locate mine. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong to not have it appear. I tried checking and unchecking the private box, but that does not seem to have an affect.


Yes, using the Get data from external API.

Did you setup the API plugin or connector?
If you went the plugin route. Did you add it to your app after setting it up?


Hi @Kfawcett, I am using the connector, and made a silly error and didn’t initialize the call. For future travelers of this thread, after you create your API call be sure to first:

1.) Initialize the Call (it says “modify call types” in my screenshot because my call was already implemented, but it will say “Initialize the Call” at first).

2.) Hit save.

@Kfawcett, after running the above, I was able to find my call in the “External API’s”. I tried to run the below workflow action to capture the Subscription Item ID to my bubble data base, but it didn’t return the proper ID. Do you have to specifically use the Stripe.JS Update Subscription Item ID workflow action for this to work?


Yes, I was using the Stripe.JS Update Subscription Item. Which leads to a question for you about your screnshot. Why are trying to set the Subscription Item ID when you create the user? You should only need to grab it when you are modifying the subscription item – which wouldn’t happen when you first setup the user.


Hi @Kfawcett. The think the confusion lies in that I’m not trying to update the Subscription Item ID, I’m simply trying to retrieve the ID so that I can use it to add metered units to a subscription (which requires the Subscription Item ID generated when a new subscription is created) in a later workflow when users are being active.

That’s why I’m trying to record the Subscription Item ID to my bubble database in the signup workflow, the same as when you would record the tokenized customer id, card id, to be called upon in later workflows.

In step #4 in my previous reply’s screenshot, I am creating a metered subscription for the user. At which point I am trying to get the Subscription Item ID that is generated upon a new metered subscription, and record that ID to my database to be used in a later workflow like in the screenshot pictured below, since the call " requires the Subscription Item ID.


If I had the Subscription Item ID of the Metered Subscription handy in my database from the get go (like Card or Customer ID), it would make life much easier.

I hope that answers your question, and makes sense! Let me know!


Alright, I finally have a solution! A big thank you to @Kfawcett for his incredible help and walking me through and finding the piece I was missing. As is usually the case, it was hiding in plain site.

  1. Create an API call as demonstrated above is exactly the proper first step.

  2. When you do it, make sure Private is unchecked


When private is unchecked, it reveals this field in your workflow, which is critical to retrieving the Subscription Item ID. If the private box is checked you will not see the (path) subscription ID field in your API call, which will force you into a wild goose chase with no end. (Note: please do not go on a wild goose chase.)

That’s it. I was able to retrieve the Subscription Item ID, and store it in my bubble database upon user signup. That happens to be my preferred method, but feel free to use the call at the point you need the Subscription Item ID in your workflow too. Works well either way.