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Stripe: Oauth to create Account - Question on final step


TL;DR How do I do step 4 of this?

I know creating a stripe seller account has been asked before but I just can’t get this working.

I was using the Stripe.js plugin. It worked for collecting CC info & accepting payments. I have the API keys set properly, with the Bearer heading. Now, I’m trying to Create Custom Sellers. However, when I use the stripe.js plugin, it says there is a bug related to an invalid request parameter.

So my current approach is using the Connect URL. Here is the URL Link: User’s Unique ID&stripe_user[business_type]=individual&stripe_user[email]=Current User’s email

It works, and it goes through the Express account setup. Here I run into two problems. 1) It only displays the express setup as ‘Test Data’ (even in Live Mode). 2) Once the express account is filled out, it goes to the URL with the seller accnt number. Then it displays “please wait” with a loading circle and nothing happens after that.

If someone could help me with registering Sellers I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to pay my sales reps commission.

EDIT: Right after posting this I received a reply to my bug report to CoPilot (creator of Stripe.js plugin). In summary:

“Some recent changes to Stripe’s API have broken some existing calls to the plugin. We are about a week away from patching it. Alternatively, you can build your own custom API calls.”

So looks like the Connect URL Approach is the way to do it for now…any help appreciated.


Need this Stripe OAuth Solved