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📷 SVG Convertor - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Convert SVG into images - good for rendering issues or providing an svg as an image from even within an iframe.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at
Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Got this issue:

Is there anything you can help me with?

If i try to get it from link, i get this error:

Hi there @naz

Let us check this out, however could please provide more details on setup/workflow ; steps to reproduce the error. Or video example, to help you better. Thanks.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi @naz!
We’ve tried and failed to reproduce your bug. Could you show your setup settings please?
Kind regards,
Zeroqode Team

hi @zeroqode, i managed to fix this, i saved the file to database and tried to show it as an image from link but i figured out that the outcome is SVG not image.