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Team Leaderboard / Collect Points


hi experts,

i am looking for a way to build a team leaderboard calculation app.
it could be simple as the following:

#1 // app-user selects associated team from dropdown, e.g.: team red, team green, team blue

#2 //app-user selects one or many choices from a check box button, e.g. “kitchen sink”, “dish washer”, “material refilled”

#3 // choices are related to points, e.g. kitchen sink == 10 points, dish washer == 5 points, material refilled == 5 points

#4 // app-user clicks on e.g. “Submit Housekeeping”

#5 // leaderboard gets displayed with the teams and their collected points

#6 // page refreshed after X seconds to collect new housekeeping done by a team

#7 // leaderboard resets after X weeks

Thanks for your help!