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Terrible / Non-existent Mobile speeds even on empty page


I am experiencing really bad scores even on empty pages on Mobile. I also tested it practically and the pages take forever to load on mobile, even wi-fi, even without dynamic content.

Considering 65% traffic is mobile for us and Google is now ranking basing on mobile speed, this of great concern. I also see users closing landing pages as they won’t load.

I am on personal plan and dont think its fair to upgrade to pro plan just to get minimum speeds. What can I do objectively otherwise to resolve this issue or is bubble having problems ?


I created a new app and literally an empty page and even that’s around 40/100 ! Is bubble framework not mobile ready ?


How are you testing your speeds? What location are you testing from?

We have much more complex pages on our site and are they’re typically in the 50-60 percentile of most website speed testings for mobile.

Note - we’re on a dedicated plan so that could be some of it for sure. I suspect Pro is equally as fast. If you’re using the shared cluster then it may be slower.



The above test results are fromgoogle insights, and this is how google perceive and rate them. So I consider this is a real test to pass.

I also have opened these pages from Australia and India using 3g,4g and wi-fi. They are slow. Also the desktop speed is clearly great. So I doubt the issue is with testing or location.

50-60 percentile is not enough from ranking and for landing pages but you getting those speeds surprise me. Are you comfortable sharing your product , public link either here or PM me ? So we can think why they do better. A new-app , empty page is not scoring 50 percentile in my testing.



Test Result Link


I suspect it’s materially slower in Australia and India as Bubble’s servers are based in the US. So, that could certainly be another part of it. I feel like I’ve heard similar from other Bubblers in Australia.

Being at 13% seems crazy low though, especially for a nearly blank page.


Those numbers look way wrong to me. Those results say it takes 17 seconds before I can interact on mobile but when I test it on my phone it takes a few seconds. Certainly less than 5.

Additionally, here’s what I’m seeing about our homepage from Pingdom:


If you see the previous link I posted in your result, google also issues 70 Percentile for Desktop. I am speaking about mobile.

Google now considers speed and on mobile for its mobile ranking.

Are you sure these results are not for desktop ? Also why test using other tools if Google is what brings the traffic in ? I will try to test your page on Mobile wi-fi shortly .


Pingdom used a desktop view - it shows an image of the page.

We use the same page for mobile and have pretty much all of the same content. Perhaps your Lighthouse speed test is simply simulating slower connection speeds. Still doesn’t make sense to me though, as I can access our site quickly from my phone.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge that me can chime in to explain what may be going on.


I got same low result from Google insight at 10 instead of 90. It point out that is the cloudfront’s slow download. I don’t know if @Bubble is aware of that new Google reality, as mentioned by @Prashant , will rank your mobile site accordingly.


In your report, Lighthouse lists all of the render-blocking links or scripts that it has detected. The goal is to reduce this number.


The numbers were initially better than what I am seeing now. I remember there was some update in the way Google computed these numbers and so most sites have now a relatively lower number for mobile, but seeing it in single digits certainly doesn’t look good.

Here some reference:


@Prashant @JohnMark We understand your concerns regarding mobile ranking. It would help if you can share test apps with significantly worse page speed on mobile than desktop. We can then do a deeper dive.


Hi Neerja.

I am happy bubble has responded to look into this.

Here are some links for testing from my site / my tests.

  1. Triviaroo

This site is completely developed on Bubble and you could look at any page here basically. Here is one of our 1,000 landing pages.

I have specifically encountered mobile slow load on this Sales page. And this blank page has literally no contents and scores 14 / 100. You would expect this to be 90 plus and is a google ranking concern.

@sridharan.s home page also scored low but the practical experience unlike mine was not bad. @JohnMark’s what is your site url ?


Thanks for looking into this @neerja - We appreciate it. Here’s a few more sites. Note, I’m seeing the same challenge with every Bubble site I check and across all pages on those sites.

  • - 94 on Desktop, 18 on Mobile
  • - 76 on Desktop, 5 on Mobile
  • - 43 on Desktop, 0 on Mobile
  • - 94 on Desktop, 20 on Mobile


I’d love a look at mine if you have the time - - 51/desktop, 0/mobile


@sridharan.s Thanks for these examples. Our engineering team is reviewing this issue. We will post back with updates.

#17, it’s about the same as the rest :frowning:


@Prashant You can see a detailed breakdown of the connection speed, load times and HTTP requests with WebPageTest from different locales over 3G:



I know this doesn’t help directly, but it revealed a couple things: there are 20+ separate Google Font requests that eat up a large chunk of the requested page. Perhaps you can limit the number of different fonts you rely on in your app Style section and stick to 2-3 variations of one font family. You have some addons (flickity.js/.css and chatinline.aspx) that are trying to load in before the page completely renders totaling 6s in wait time. Obviously this only addresses the items in your control. Time to first byte is measuring at 2.6s over 3G from Australia which is most likely the cause for Google Insight’s rating.


Try loading most of the data only when user scrolls down.


@neerja – Wishing you and the Bubble a Happy New Year.

Is there an update or ETA on this issue with Mobile Speeds ?