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Test Environment for User Testing



My users are asking for a test environment that they can test the application for a few days before getting live. However, (as far as I know) Bubble only works with 2 environments (dev and live). What would be the best way to have a test environment?

Important note: our app use several paid plugins, so cloning the app would not be a good option…




Hi JohnMark,

Thanks for your reply. As the system is already in production, what I meant is that we have to keep 3 different environments - dev, test and live at the same time, each with its own data (as common SLDCs have) . The users are interesting in carrying User Acceptance Tests (UAT), simulating user usage before approving to publish on live, not interested in access the application “code”.

Any thoughts on that?


Like you, I’m blocked with paid plugins, if the cost wasn’t important… It still the best option for now (if you app generate enought money). There’s no other way I can think.