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Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements


I couldn’t get toolbox expression to calculate a square root. example: 2^(1/2)

Can anyone confirm this, or point out my mistake?


How can I run this action in workflow and make changes to a picture field?

If an image from an api returns a 404 broken image error, replace with default picture?


Remembering that without server side access running javascript from a call to your endpoint is resticted to certain tasks, an option depending on your use case is to install the Plug Bubble plugin and run a custom code block.


Hi Mishav,

I want to populate a RG with some Bubble DB typed fields and with a data source from a List Item Expression (LIE) list. This LIE outputs the same DB type, and its input are a simple text list.

How can I made an expression into LIE for each item to fill the output structure with some parts of input texts?
I don’t know how to write into item expression something like {field1=value(), field2="", field3=value()}

Can you help me with that?

Best regards


For illustrate this are snapshots of my intention
I have a list of texts and I want to create a list of Cupones (data/type db) for a RG


Hi @mishav, is it possible to use toolbox to add an html script to a page’s header? I’m unable to use bubble’s native header input because I would like to use dynamic data.


Possible to convert this date format: 2018-04-15T12:00:33.123Z to Bubble Date format?


I’m trying to turn the following text inputs into one date input, specifically to save as Start Time or End Time in data type Appointments, to show on Full Calendar:

[date formatted as text - reads exactly as “05/03/2018”] + [time in text format - reads exactly as “9:15 pm”]

I see that dates save in data fields as “01/01/2018 10:59 pm” so I’m hoping I’ll be able to save these conversions in those fields and use them the same way in Full Calendar?



Hi @mishav, thanks for this great plugin! It’s been critical to implementing several features in my app.

I did have one question about using the javascript to bubble plugin. I have noticed that if I select that ‘the value is a list’ option, it will not work if I pass in an array with a single element. I have successfully used the plugin with both single values and lists. However, there are situations in which I cannot ensure that there will be multiple elements in an array that I am passing to the JS to bubble element. My question is if this is the expected behavior or if this is something that should be fixed. I imagine there are some work arounds, such as conditionally determining whether the value is a list by checking the count of the thing in question.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Folks, did this break today? I have two different apps with no updates for weeks that are no longer working. Getting error message:

Error - General error -  WARNING: Error parsing plugin code for element_action (List Item Expression-Set data source). Please check 
function(instance, properties, context)


yes there’s something broke on the bubble end, it happened for air date time picker as well. Seems to be a general issue with plugin code. I raised a bug report and they are aware of it.


Hi guys fix is deployed, everyone should be back to normal.


Much appreciated Jonathan!


Single element list should work, I suspect there is more to the story. Simplest demo …
demo runtime


Yes, but exactly what depends on what you are asking, do you mean adding javascript dynamically, adding HTML elements dynamically, or something else?

You can get creative with unhiding Bubble’s HTML element.
Or you can run javascript and add DOM elements, load and run javascript (easiest to use jQuery methods).

Good luck


Thanks, there was probably some problem with my code that I may have subsequently fixed because I just checked and it is working for me now.


FYI everyone, Keith has made a video, demonstrating how to link up javascript to Bubble using the Toolbox.


Hi mishav

first of all let me tell you that Toolbox is simply great!

I’m trying to use LIE but it seems that value() item() and field() are not working on my side. This also happens with the sample app.

What i get at runtime is this error. Could you please advise what kind of configuration might be needed to make value() work?

Thanks for your help


Hi @mariob,

It seems I added a bug to the most recent version, thank you for finding it!

For now, set the plugin version back to 0.3.0 and it should work. I’ll investigate where the problem is.



Hi @mishav

OK while you do that :slight_smile:

I have a list of lists [[“a”, “b”], [“c”, “d”]]. I wanted to know if I could process the external list and get the individual values in the same Expression List. For example:
Type of list Expression would be List of text
Item 1 : [“a”, “b”]
Item 2 : [“c”, “d”]
then I would get something like value()[0] to get “a” and “c” and value()[1] to get “b” and “d”.