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Twilio Chat API integration?


Has anyone successfully added Twilio Chat functionality to their app?

If so how did you find it?



I really want to use Twilio Chat, but have not attempted it yet. BTW, Twilio was supposed to launch Twilio Frame which would add the UI component of chat seamlessly-integrated with Twilio Chat but I don’t know if it was abandoned or is just still in limited beta. That would solve MANY problems!


Do you have to use Twilio?

I’ve used other services such as Drift, Intercom, etc.


It’s actually to build an app based in chat and now because Twilio have purchased Sendgrid and are integrating it into thier suit of products it is even more compelling!


Hey @meyerhd2 I think the UI stuff can be handled by Bubble but what would be great is a #help:plugins which incorporates the twilio chat API. I have contemplated hiring someone to build a plugin, but would be better if it was available to buy from the Bubble marketplace. I am supprised no one has jumped on this yet, maybe it’s too hard a proposition.