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Two workflows triggering two different "Show Popup" actions at the same time


I have these two workflows:

  • they are both triggered by clicking on the same button
  • they have different conditions
  • they show different popups
  • the conditions can be both true at the same time, meaning both popups might be displayed

When both popups have to be displayed, I just get the grayout, without any popup.

The grayout is doubled, so I have to click 2 times to get back to the page. This means the two actions have been triggered, but somehow the browser wasn’t able to render the popup.



I might recommend thinking about the user flow through a lens that avoids this.

From a user journey standpoint, two conditions shouldn’t be true at the same time. Rather, act as a decision tree that takes the user through an ideal flow.

Ie. Is the user logged in?

  • If yes, show “popup-city A” and display relevant data.
  • If no, show “Signup / Login Popup A” and temporarily store the value of what would go in “popup-city A”. After the user signs in / logs in, then show “popup-city A” and display relevant stored data.


I solved this problem by differentiating the two conditions so as they won’t happen together.

But what bugs me is that being unable to display two popups at the same time is never mentioned in the documentation nor in the forums.


The Bubble team is pretty receptive to suggestions for improving the documentation.

If you can reference the specific part of the manual and text to add/modify, they’re usually pretty good about making the change.

There are some cases where it may make sense to have multiple popups displayed in sequence (despite it not being ideal). So, I can see why Bubble doesn’t have a block/console warning. But it’d certainly be helpful to give a heads up :slight_smile:


You guys… There’s no such thing as 2 pop-ups. A popup takes over the screen. If you need a second “overlay” from within a popup, that’s a structure you build in the one popup.


Yes, we’re in agreement. In @furnys case, he had two popups that were accomplishing different parts of a user journey, which is why I suggested thinking through the user flow so they would display sequentially.

With Bubble behavior, in an instance where you have two popups triggered two show at the same time, neither popup displays (which is to be expected). But the grayout of the page still happens as if both popups are present (and goes away with multiple clicks).


The Issue Checker doesn’t prevent me to show two popups at the same time, so it’s formally possible.

Obviously I recognize checking if two conditions showing two different popups can ever be true at the same time is a quite difficult task and not the top priority for the Bubble team.


Actually this is not completely true, it’s not deterministic. Sometimes both the popups appear, more often neither. This indeterminate behavior is what it mildly disturbing for me.


I ran a few tests before posting, but I’ll take your word for it.

Regardless, my recommendation remains the same. Segment out your user flow so only one could ever be true at a time. Then properly show/hide popups according to where they are in the flow.

And/or, as @keith recommended, use an overlay within a popup when the situation calls for it. Then routes the user accordingly.


Yes, segmenting is what I’ve done and it works well, and it’s more predictable and straightforward too.


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