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Use Air Date/Time picker to filter repeating group available slots

Hi guys, for months now I’ve been working on a booking application and now I’ve been able to complete the fundamental aspects of it. I’ve been able to to generate a list of times, recurring events and also allow users to select their availability.

Here is a preview of the app:


Very cool! I’ve been looking to do something similar. Would you mind sharing editor version? Would help me learn how to implement this.


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Hi @doublejay,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your admiration. I previously had the editor link in the OP however, I took it off as there are still some things I am trying to work on in the test app which could break, slow down or not work in your app. I’ll release the link again once I’ve sorted it out!

@jamesbond Thanks for sharing this, even if it is not ready yet.

The project I needed this for was canceled. But it’s nice of you to share it for future reference.

Hello @jamesbond I am very interested in this functionality. Please, can you share your knowledge? I’ve been looking for this for months, literally.

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Hi guys, I’ve updated this to optimise the performance and enhance the UX. If you need access to the editor, just dm me :slight_smile: