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User Data only seen by that User


Hey guy!! Hope everyone is doing great!
Sorry to bother with something that might be simple but I can´t get it right.

When my users create app data I assing it to each user (user = current user).

But in app when i show it as a text, every user can see this data.
How do I make it so that only the user that created that data can see it??



Hi @finango - you can add a Conditional that shows/hides the data based on who created the data (ie Creator is/isn’t Current User).

As an example, I modified a text field’s Conditional in a “Message Thread” data type used in repeating group where I hide the Message if the Creator isn’t Current User and show it otherwise. Hope that helps.



Great, thanks a lot!!

I´ll give it a go now!!


Thanks, Nikolai, that was stress saving I have been searching all day long and I finally found the solution, again thanks.