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Using a Map Element, it resets Center and Zoom when user location info is called. Is there any way to change this?


When using the map element, the page ‘refreshes’ (updates current geographic position) then resets the center & zoom every 15seconds. This only happens when ‘set center and zoom manually’ is clicked. Is there anyway to change the ‘refresh’ interval?

I like setting the center/zoom manually, but I also want users to be able to zoom out and look around without the map being ‘refreshed’ so often. Maybe if there was an option to only ‘refresh’ if current geographic position has changed?

Edit: it happens every 15 seconds because that is how often I update my user location information. It happens even if location hasn’t changed. Would be nice to be able to manually set it, then not let it update.



I have not seen this behavior before unless you are moving around. What plugin are you using? Are you sure you don’t have a repeating workflow?

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Hey, thanks for the response.

I am using the Google Maps element that Bubble comes with. And yes, I do have a repeating workflow. It updates the currentLocation in the User database. But the map ‘refresh’ only occurs when I have the ‘set zoom and center manually’ checked.

Updating user info likely resets the current geographic location, which then causes the map to reset the zoom/center. Wonder if there is any way around this…such as only setting the ‘zoom and center’ once and not allowing it to update (unless location actually changes). But I don’t see this option…


One question:

So you are constantly setting the user LAT LON to the user’s database then the marker in the map is set from what’s in the database for the user.

Why not set the map marker to the current user’s location directly? Seems like you have extra workflows. Unless I am missing the point.

I know I am still not addressing your main issue. Thinking…

Also available for instructions
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I originally had it set the way you mentioned, but needed to change it due to some other reasons.

It’s ok…I don’t think it’s possible to set the center once if I’m constantly calling the user location. I’ll make do. Thanks for helping though!


How do I change map marker address manually? I have set it to a fixed location.


Any advice?