Using Bubble backend(for Dropsource app) with Onesignal push notification?


Hi @emmanuel

I’ve already developed a native app with dropsource using Bubble as a backend and things went well.
Now, I want to automate the process of sending notification to my users when there is a change in my database.
However, the plugin available right now is for web-view app only (as I have tried).

So do you have any idea how I can implement or adjust the Onesignal push notification into my Bubble database?

The plugin creators haven’t answered me yet :frowning:


Hey @johnrukke, what do you mean by this? Which plugin are you talking about?
I use the plugin below and it works perfectly for me for sending push notifications to dropsource app.

After installing the plugin, you can call the send push notification action in an api workflow when making changes to your database or whatever event that should trigger the push notification.


@seanhoots Fortunately, I just found out couple minutes ago that I have to press 1 spacebar in url field in order to not open external browser on my device.