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Using search box to create new data


Hi all,
I’m new to the app and I’ve been trying to figure out something for a little while now. So I have a page (new order) where you can search the database for an existing customer, which then automatically inputs their phone number and details. This data is saved to the ‘order’ when a ‘save order’ button is pressed.
If the customer’s name is not on the database, however, I’d like to create a new customer when the ‘save order’ button is pressed.
Is there a way to do this with a search box?
Thanks very much in advance.


I don’t think you can do it with a search box element, however, you could do it using an input box as the search element. You can still have a drop-down of results just like the search box, too. I have a walk through on building a search on this thread, if you scroll to the bottom post: Creating folders for individualized content - like a real estate app

You can just set the 'do a search for" constraints to search for a name, rather than any field. This way, you can have a workflow to create a customer with the input Field’s data, if it doesn’t exist yet. I hope this helps.


Thank you very much! I got it working. :slightly_smiling_face: