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UX tips for MVPs to achieve good enough design from the start


Hello bubble creators,

I started collecting some tips regarding user interface for starting projects. The aim is to start without making basic mistakes.

Without a doubt, design is never a #1 struggle during the process of making the app. Concepting, making it work, testing, selling it is probably much more valuable activity at the moment. I’ve been there, I’m with you.

But if you are playing a long-term game, you want to keep users engaged in a platform you invested time into. And this is the stage, where design helps. Moreover there are heuristics, strategies, best practices that takes a small bite of your time, but keep your project competitive.

You can find the list here:

I wonder what are your thoughts regarding this resource. What are the specific questions you would like to know? I’m happy to chat about it.

I’m playing with an idea of hosting free webinar, where I would answer specific questions and live redesign parts of your projects. Would you attend such webinar?



I like it. It reminds me of
I see it more as a generic resource. One you could find with Google.

Would you use Bubble in your webinar?

In the end people that come here want to know how to do things with Bubble.

So if you are going to talk about UI/UX and want to engage with bubble users you better use Bubble :slight_smile:

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Yep good point, Bubble would be the tool I would show the tips in. More helpful specifically to you guys :slight_smile:

Recently I created free template for Marketplace homepage inside Bubble interface. Free Marketplace template from UX/UI designer

What specifically you would be interested to see regarding UX/UI within bubble?



I am more or less covered regarding UI/UX. I try to keep up to date.

However I think you can do a lot of good.

I am probably being optimistic here but I would say that only 5% of Bubble projects I’ve seen have a decent UI. Not even going to talk about UX.

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Even the topic of UX (vs.) UI could be alien to many bubble creators, but at the end essential for digital apps to even surface the core concept of the app.

Thanks for that statistic. Isn’t it a pity? Bubble is a single no-code platform for apps that gives a complete power over the end-end user experience. Other platforms give very constrained inflexible options regarding the presentation layer (could be powerful on logic layers etc.).

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yes, I would attend that seminar.

Thanks for offering!

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Hey @ken thanks for a support! I’ll let you know once something will be scheduled.

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Great, I look forward to it.