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V1 launched - aiten loves food


Just launched my very first app built on bubble a few days ago.

I run an eHealth-startup focused on chronic disease (high blood pressure, diabetes etc) called aiten health.
A big part of most conditions is food, so I created the first companion app to go with our healthcare one.

If you have ever felt the “What’s for dinner?”-frustration this is something for you.
Check it here:

Feedback on all of it is most welcome.




Congrats on the launch! I have limited experience with food apps, but the way it takes care of allergies, diets and then creates shopping lists seems neat! I like that it’s very few steps from finding a meal to having the shopping list ready.

You asked for feedback, so I’ve got a few points:

  • I tested it on desktop and mobile, and assume this is a mobile product first and foremost. If you plan to allows users to use this on their own phone, I would make some adjustments to the responsiveness. Right now it seems like the width is fixed?

  • For the icons on the bottom of the screen, at least as a first-time user, I’m missing some text, as they’re not fully self-explanatory

  • 2 million recipes sounds great, but also a bit daunting with the limited filtering :slight_smile: maybe something tag-based could do the trick? I tried searching for “cucumber”, and got lots of results, but that may only be one ingredient that I wanted

  • There’s a delay when you type a search, and not quite clear if it’s actually working – maybe some UX solution could make that more visible

Just my initial thoughts, I like the idea and execution!



Thank you for the feedback @petter
Minimal number of steps is the whole point - the smoother the better is my philosophy so really glad you liked that.

The whole responsive stuff is a bit of a mystery to me still, but I felt it better to get it out there in the wild so I can get feedback. Will continue to work on it.

Texts by the buttons - of course!

Great spot with the search taking a while. Hadn’t noticed that myself.
Will try and add a spinner or some such so ppl know things are happening.

Thanks so much for taking the time!

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Nice! It’s really impressive, in particular the number of recipes and the fact that you can extract the ingredients from each recipe for the shopping list, that’s really clever. Good luck with the launch!

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Looks cool, some nice work. Maybe remove fixed width so it can fit on other mobile devices but apart from that, looking good.

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